Renewables key to sustainable energy in SADC

11 June 2013 | ESI Africa

Southern Africa can achieve universal access to modern energy services if the region harnesses its renewable energy resources, according to the 33rd Southern African Development Community (SADC) energy ministers meeting that took place in Maseru, Lesotho. This is as reported by Kizito Sikuka.

The meeting concluded that the development of a renewable energy strategy will, among other things, ensure that the SADC is able to effectively manage and exploit the natural resources that are abundant in the region. Continue reading


Southern Africa’s reserve margin to stabilise as power capacity is added

Idéle Esterhuizen | 09 Apr 13 | Engineering News

The Southern African Power Pool (SAPP) member countries planned to commission about 18 000 MW of additional power generation capacity by 2016, which would improve the current negative reserve margin to as much as 15%, SAPP Zimbabwe coordinator center manager Lawrence Musaba indicated on Tuesday.

The current demand-supply ratio in the SAPP was running at a deficit, with a negative reserve margin of about -4.6%, compared with the preferred 10%. Although SAPP members boasted a combined installed power generation capacity of 57 183 MW, they only had a combined available power generation capacity of 51 702 MW, which indicated a shortfall of 7 709 MW.

However, Musaba pointed out that the SAPP’s reserve margin was expected to improve from 2016 onwards when most of the power generation projects that were currently at a planning or construction stage will be operational.

“This year, we expect to commission 1 992 MW in new generation capacity, while in 2016, we expect to commission 6 021 MW in generation capacity. And from now to 2016, 17 856 MW will be commissioned,” he indicated at the Power & Electricity World Africa conference this week. Continue reading