Action in energy arena needed

Business Report, Liz McDaid, Robert Fischer, Yvette Abrahams 18 December 2012.

Once the brouhaha around who will lead the ANC for the next five years is out of the way, those at Mangaung this week have a bigger dilemma on their hands.

With rising unemployment, an ever widening gap between rich and poor, and mounting social unrest, the ANC is arguably in one of the toughest spots it has been in since coming to power. It has to act decisively to deliver on its promises of a better life for all or risk losing credibility.

One opportunity for decisive action lies in the energy sector, where many of these challenges converge. Key decisions here will have massive impacts on national debt, social equity and job creation in the years to come, to say nothing of environmental consequences.

Access to modern energy services is considered to be a key aspect for improved economic development and reducing inequality. The many economic and social benefits that accrue to humanity in general and the poor in particular, from access to electricity, for example, are covered by a vast body of respected research…

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REEEP 9th Call for Funding Proposals

SAAEA and REEEP 5 September 2012.

REEEP is pleased to announce its 9th programme cycle to support up to 30 projects that—through a range of interventions—will accelerate the deployment of renewable energy and/or energy efficiency technologies. This project call is made possible by the contributions of the Governments of Norway, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.
REEEP 9th Call in Overview
Key facts
Will support approximately 30 projects with €4.1 million in total REEEP funds
The maximum level of REEEP funding available per project is €150,000; co-funding is strongly encouraged
Five thematic topics: scaling up successful business models; supporting off-grid generation; harnessing clean energy in food production; employing clean energy in providing a reliable water supply; opening up energy data in emerging markets
More specific topics have also been defined by region – see the Call for Proposalsdocument below
Primary priority countries: Brazil, Colombia, China, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Peru,South Africa and Vietnam – secondary priority countries also considered; see full list in the Call for Proposals document below
Online application process via Project Management Information System (PMIS)
Key dates
Initial proposals for new projects due by 21st September 2012
Shortlist inviting full proposals will be published on 11 October 2012
Final, full proposals due by 9th November 2012
Proposals for replication and scale-up of earlier projects as well as proposals from governments, regulators and development financial institutions follow a one-stage process, with full proposals due by 9th November 2012

The 9th call is made possible by contributions by the Governments of Norway and the United Kingdom, as well as support from Switzerland, a new REEEP donor.
The application process itself begins on We strongly advise reading the following attached documents before starting:
the Call for Proposals, which gives an overview of all aspects of the call in one handy pdf document
the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) document with the most common technical and application-related queries
REEEP Strategy 2012-2015, which gives an overview of where the Partnership is heading over the next several years

Call for Proposals – REEEP 9th Programme Cycle

FAQs 9th Call v2

REEEP Strategy 2012-2015

Small wind market has big potential, report shows

Engineering News 16 March 2012.

The small wind power market holds “enormous potential”, especially for nonelectrified areas in developing countries, yet only a handful of governments are offering specific support policies for small wind generating capacity, the World Wind Energy Association (WWEA) said in a report this week.

“Wherever the wind blows, small wind turbines can provide electricity at affordable prices to local citizens, be it for rural electrification, like in China or in other developing countries or, connected to the grid, like often in the industrialised countries,” WWEA president He Dexin said…

SA solar PV uptake lags but Refit, solar park seen as growth drivers

Engineering News 15 June 2011.

Despite the South African photovoltaic (PV) market expected to earn a revenue of $29.8-million by 2014, up from $21.6-million in 2010, the market would continue to grow at a much slower pace than many of its international counterparts, research consultancy Frost & Sullivan (F&S) said on Wednesday…

Solar PV has emerged as big IRP ‘winner’, report asserts

Engineering News 16 May 2011.

Solar photovoltaic (PV) technologies have emerged as the “big winner” in South Africa’s 20-year integrated resource plan (IRP) for electricity, which indicates that the PV solutions could deliver 8 400 MW of new capacity by 2030, a new report by Frost & Sullivan argues…

The merits of a solar cluster 10 December 2010.

The solar park idea raises the question of how South Africa should be positioning itself to take advantage of the country’s abundant solar resources.


The solar park idea is an element of a broader solar cluster concept. India has termed its own solar cluster initiative the National Solar Mission. It aims to install 20 GW of solar capacity by 2022, covering a range of technologies…

Joburg Pick n Pay store installs 100-kW solar PV system

Engineering News 19 October 2010.

South African retailer Pick n Pay has commissioned a 100-kW roof-mounted solar photovoltaic (PV) energy system at the new Pick n Pay on Nicol shopping centre, in Johannesburg…