SA’s coal fleet has 2 GW of CSP-hybrid potential –

Engineering News 24 February 2012.

South Africa has the potential to augment its existing coal-fired power station fleet with as much as 2 000 MW of hybrid solar thermal capacity, which would immediately lower emissions and create a more cost-effective entry point for concentrated solar power (CSP) solutions, Alstom director for solar strategy and marketing Andreas Bögli asserts…—alstom-2012-02-24



Renewables to be fastest-growing energy segment over 20 years – BP

Engineering News 18 January 2011.

Fossil fuels will continue to dominate the global energy mix in 2030, oil group BP forecasts in its latest ‘Energy Outlook 2030’, in which it estimates that such primary energy sources should still comprise 81% of global energy demand by that date. But the overall share of fossil fuels in the mix is likely to be 6% lower than is the case currently as fuel switching accelerates, with gas and renewables replacing coal and oil…—bp-2012-01-18