Eskom seeks profit: Cosatu

Business Report 3 December 2012.

Johannesburg – It is clear that Eskom wants to operate like a private company whose main objective is to make more profit, Cosatu said on Monday.

Eskom’s call for the price of electricity to speedily be made cost-reflective was informed by its desire to “completely eliminate government support”, as it said in its Multi-Year Price Determination 2 (MYPD2) application, Congress of SA Trade Unions (Cosatu) spokesman Patrick Craven said.

“It wants to improve its ‘standalone’ credit rating within the MYPD 3 period,” he said…

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SA’s power market test yields some 61 000 MW of interest

Engineering News 29 March 2012.

The South African government has received an extremely strong response to a recently released request for information (RFI) for the development, or importation, of conventional power generation capacity.

Department of Energy (DoE) director-general Nelisiwe Magubane confirmed on Thursday that potential developers of cogeneration facilities, as well as coal-fired power stations, natural gas facilities and imported hydropower projects indicated that 60 300 MW of capacity could be introduced into the country’s stressed power system before March 2019…

(Editorial comment: Lets hope the emphasis will be on co-generation and energy efficiency, that will be the most cost-effective and effective from an emission reduction point of view.)

Current power price path will squeeze SA competitiveness

South Africa’s international competitiveness will increasingly be dampened by the rapid rate at which the domestic electricity price is rising, Energy Intensive User Group chairperson Mike Rossouw said on the second day of the Africa Energy Indaba in ..

Renewable Energy Battle: Wind vs. Solar

Daily Finance (USA) 14 February 2012.

The wind and solar industries are often lumped into the same category when discussing renewable energy. They’re two of the most natural energy sources we have on Earth and are two of only a few truly renewable sources of energy we have.

There are big differences between wind and solar, though. Differences that investors should consider when looking at renewable energy stocks. Let the battle begin…

Renewable energy becoming cost competitive, IEA says

Reuters 23 November 2011.

Renewable energy technology is becoming increasingly cost competitive and growth rates are in line to meet levels required of a sustainable energy future, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said in a report on Wednesday…