ACWA’S South African CSP Project Now Scheduled for Late April Start

13 Mar | CSP Today | Tom Nevin & Karen Muirhead.

The Bokpoort CSP project in South Africa’s Northern Cape province is expected to get underway in the week of 22nd April this year after a holdup in the financial close at the Department of Energy. The anticipated start date of the 50MW parabolic trough installation on the Orange River near Groblershoop was 4th March. The delay was due to the financial close postponement of Round 2 of the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Programme (REIPPP), affecting all projects in the programme.

According to project director Pravashin Govender of consortium leader ACWA Power Africa Holdings says the new date means that “we will be breaking ground on the project by the end of April”. The project sets new standards in that it incorporates nine hours of storage “effectively, on a good day, pretty much a baseload operation”, Govender told CSPToday.

The Bokspoort CSP plant was originally designed for a net capacity of 75MW. The REEIPPP RFP released on 3rd August 2011 provided an allocation of 200MW of CSP with a maximum capacity limit of 100MW per project. The project was not sbmitted in the first procurement phase where Abengoa Solar was awarded 150MW and in order to remain compliant with the remaining capacity for the second phase Bokpoort’s capacity was reduced to 50MW.

Govender said he hoped the Bokpoort project would be the first of others in South Africa’s renewables programme for independent producers and “next time round we’ll look at tower technology as well”.

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The role of CSP in developing the green economy Nassiep SANEDI 2012

CSP Today and SANEDI 18 October 2012.

What is CSP’s role in South Africa’s green economy?

This exclusive presentation given by Kevin Nassiep of the South African National Energy Research Institute at the CSP Today South Africa 2012, examines the role of CSP in developing South Africa’s green economy, and will give a glimpse of what to expect at CSP Today South Africa 2013 (4-5 February, Johannesburg)

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Sasol weighs in on renewable energy capture and storage

SAAEA 5 October 2012.

CAVAN Hill is general manager of venture and technology management at Sasol New Energy.

SUMMIT TV: What are the global challenges, and what is the alternative energy future for South Africa? Talking about trends around renewable energy in South Africa, one of the things that comes out is in Europe they talk about sustainable energy diversifying their energy mix, whereas across the African continent we are using sustainable energy to meet a need.

CAVAN HILL: South Africa is facing electricity shortages and we can’t meet all the new generation requirements just by conventional means. Part of South Africa’s electricity plan is to incorporate a large proportion of electricity from renewable energy sources in that mix…

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Solar-thermal sector’s industrialisation potential to be probed

Engineering News 27 September 2012.

A study aimed at assessing the potential industrial development spinoffs for South Africa of a large-scale deployment of concentrated solar power (CSP) generation technologies is in the process of being initiated.

The project, which will be funded by the German Agency for International Cooperation, or GIZ, is being supported by the Southern Africa Solar Thermal and Electricity Association (Sastela) and South Africa’s Department of Trade and Industry…

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South Africa can’t wait to get started with its CSP build

CSP Today 3 August 2012.

South Africa looks towards the development of local content and the rapid construction of CSP sites whilst addressing the challenges of water scarcity and steel supplies.

By Tom Nevin


Extensive early work has already started on both of South Africa’s pioneering CSP sites “to ensure a shorter construction period and to make sure we meet our June 2014 full power output completion date”, says Rentia van Tonder, head of Green Industries at South Africa’s Industrial Development Corporation (IDC).


Under construction are a 50MW CSP tower facility near the town of Upington in South Africa’s Northern Cape Province and a 100MW parabolic trough solar plant in the hamlet of Pofadder, about 100km to the west…

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SA should consider upscaled CSP roll-out plan – BrightSource

Engineering News 20 June 2012.

Concentrating solar power (CSP) could play an important role in South Africa’s future energy generation capacity, by offering a utility-scale, carbon-free generation solution, BrightSource Energy business development consultant Daniel Schwab said on Wednesday.

At the second yearly Solar South Africa conference, held in Johannesburg, he said South Africa required between 40 GW and 60 GW of additional installed capacity over the next 20 to 30 years and that CSP was a large-scale, dispatchable solution that would enable efficient supply to meet demand…

Solar PV, wind dominate again as second window renewables bidders are named

Engineering News 21 May 2012.

The South African government announced on Monday that 19 companies had been selected as preferred bidders during the second bidding window for the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Programme (REIPPP), which closed on March 5.

A total of 79 bids were submitted by the deadline, representing more than 3 200 MW of potential capacity…