Ecotricity’s ‘Urbine’ could transform micro wind turbine market

edieEnergy 7 February 2013.

Green energy company Ecotricity is carrying out final tests on a micro wind turbine which it claims could be 40% more efficient than similar sized turbines on the market.

The vertical-axis windmill, called the Urbine, will undergo six months testing in Stroud, Gloucestershire next to Ecotricity’s existing large wind turbine, before undergoing official performance certification at Myres Hill wind turbine test site in Scotland…

2 thoughts on “Ecotricity’s ‘Urbine’ could transform micro wind turbine market

  1. Oh please! 40% more efficient? Then it will defy Betz law. The moment any wind or solar promises signifcant gains in efficiency you can be certain it is a hoax

  2. There wasn’t enough info in the article to see what was really mean’t. The 40% could mean, for instance improving a very bad horizontal axis micro turbine performance to something approaching large turbine performance. It will emerge as the tests unfold. Thanks for your comment.

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