Incompetence of Eskom steadily disempowers SA

Business Report 10 December 2012.

(Editor’s note: A bit hard on Eskom, I think, because many of Eskom’s problems aroce because of the incompetence of its shareholder.)

One would think that, with the passage of time and expenditure of countless billions, Eskom’s woes would be on the decline. Instead, there is an ever-growing pile in the chief executive’s “pending” tray, the latest item being the replacement of his chief bean-counter, despite Eskom not being in the bean business.

Since Eskom became the definition of power politics, necessary competence has been replaced with so-called empowerment of well-connected incompetence, directly resulting in national disempowerment. The first thing that disappeared with competence was Eskom’s credit rating and its ability to raise capital on the international market at the best interest rates…

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One thought on “Incompetence of Eskom steadily disempowers SA

  1. I would say that the the Govt has decided to dis empower the people since it kept the apartheid economic system because the latter just maintain the power within the business sector.

    It may not have had the choice in 94 but it had 17 years to review that mistake and recognise that their decision had created so many contradictions between their intention to “empower people” and the structural impossibility to do so in the old paradigm.

    This is now compounded by its management incompetency which allows (or does not see) that this monopolistic system is increasingly being manipulated for the sake of a few cliques parasit of the system, which drives policies. Hence Eskom, which was meant to be split years ago is still whole, the REFIT which was a very transparent system to open the energy sector has collapsed and been replaced by a “tender’ process that keeps the sector in the hands of a few large and wealthy entities.

    The ANC which “liberated” politically the people had decided for what ever the reasons (between unrealism, cowardice, greed, …) to keep the people economically enslaved. It had and missed a wonderful opportunity which was handed over to them by the whole world.

    It is quite time to stop pretending, stop acting and start considering the people and telling them the reality.



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