Eskom in power at all costs

Mail and Guardian 9 November 2012.

Independent power producers could provide more than 60000MW of conventionally produced electricity, according to the department of energy.

This is nearly twice the total capacity now produced by Eskom – and it could be brought to market for far less than what Eskom charges, according to its critics.

But consumers are bearing the brunt of what appears to be the state’s determined policy to maintain Eskom’s role as the primary source of electricity-generation. This is clear from Eskom’s latest tariff application, the third multiyear price determination. It outlines the painful tariff increases in store for the country if Eskom remains the dominant source of electricity…

(Editor’s note: Well, Eskom is owned by our government … Note the comment that the IRP2010 did not need to be reviewed now because the assumptions are unchanged. I beg your pardon DOE – a lot has changed: Gas is cheaper, nuclear is more expensive, all renewable energy is cheaper, the demand forecasts are lower, economic growth forecasts are lower, etc, etc!!!)

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One thought on “Eskom in power at all costs

  1. “the state’s determined policy to maintain Eskom’s role as the primary source of electricity-generation.”

    But frankly what else could we have expected when the Government has kept the old apartheid paradigm, which was mainly designed to develop the “first world” and capital through global trade, top down and centralized system ? (part of a larger article on SA development.



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