Eskom outlines R149bn transmission expansion plan to 2022

Engineering News 23 October 2012.

State-owned electricity utility Eskom is planning to invest some R149-billion over the coming ten years on transmission projects designed to bolster network reliability and integrate new generation capacity into the power grid.

The investment forecast is outlined in the latest ‘Transmission Ten-Year Development Plan: 2013-2022’, which has been published in line with the South African Grid Code and is the fourth ten-year plan to be released by Eskom…

(Editor’s note: This is encouraging! I hope it implies more than just a sop to the renewable energy grid requirements and not just huge new lines from possible nuclear sites. Also interesting is this: “Also planned is the introduction of an additional 83 500 MVA of transformer capacity”. This is about 66 GW of additional transformer capacity (assuming a power factor of 0.8), whereas the IRP 2010 added 41.3 GW of additional generation capacity. Presumably some of the new transformer capacity is replacing old equipment, but this still seems a bit high. Possibly Eskom is allowing for large imports from the SAPP? So far, I have not been able to get access to the ‘Transmission Ten-Year Development Plan: 2013-2022’ document – if anyone has it, please let me know. Thanks,)

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