Global wind energy capacity to double over five years

Engineering News 22 October 2012.

The installed global wind capacity was expected to increase from the current 250 GW to close to 500 GW in the next five years, Global Wind Energy Council secretary-generalSteve Sawyer told delegates at Windaba 2012 in Cape Town on Monday.

Most of the growth would come from Latin America, Africa, India, China and the rest of Asia. In terms of cumulative wind capacity, while Europe had been ahead for some time, Sawyer said it was predicted that by 2016, Asia would have overtaken Europe as the leader in this regard….

(Editor’s note: This big expansion is good new for the global price of wind energy equipment, but if we go heavily for localisation in South Africa, we won’t benefit from all the global economies of scale because will be making the equipment ourselves in tiny volumes. Also, if we slap big import duties on imported renewable energy equipment, we won’t benefit from global price drops either. This is why South Africa urgently needs to do it Integrated Energy Plan and think the big economy impacts through.)

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