Eskom: unplanned outages jump to 5‚879MW

Business Report 22 October 2012.

Unplanned outages rose to 5‚879 Megawatts (MW) on October 18 from 4‚800MW on October 15‚ Eskom said in its 81st system status bulletin…

… Planned maintenance rose to 3‚842MW on October 18 from 3‚003MW on October 15‚ so that available capacity was only 32‚629MW compared with peak demand of 31‚232MW on October 18 resulting in a margin of 4.3%‚ while on October 8‚ when peak demand was 31‚943MW‚ the margin was only 3.4%. The international norm is to have a margin of 15%.

Eskom’s internal benchmark is to have no more than 3‚600MW in unplanned maintenance‚ a benchmark it has so far missed more than 60% of the time so far this year. The last time it achieved this benchmark or below was on August 14. – I-Net Bridge.