SA likely to adopt fleet approach to nuclear build, localisation

Engineering News 5 October 2012.

South African Trade and Industry Minister Dr Rob Davies has confirmed that the government will “most likely” have a “fleet approach” to its planned new nuclear build and localization programme.

This programme should see the conduction of a number of nuclear power plants (NPPs) in the country over the next 20 or so years…

(Editor’s note: Here we go again – this has the potential for another arms deal, only about 10 times bigger, in the region of R1 trillion. And what about the NDP downplaying nuclear in favour of natural gas generated power? The nuclear industry is not great at generating permanent jobs  – nuclear jobs are generated at the rate of between 0.5 permanent jobs per MW and 2 jobs per MW, depending on who you believe. Either way, this is well below the solar PV job rate, by a factor of about 10.)

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