Government Gazette 7 September 2012.

The Minister of Energy in terms of section 54(4), hereby publishes for comment the
proposed Regulations to be made under section 54(1) read with sections
33(3)(a)(b)(c)(d)(e)(f)(h) and (i), 34(2) and 35(2) of the Nuclear Energy Act, 1999 (Act 46
of 1999), as set out in the Schedule…

The Minister of Energy has published proposed Nuclear Non-Proliferation Regulations to the Nuclear Energy Act.

All interested persons and organizations are invited to comment in writing on the proposed Regulations to Director: Nuclear Non-Proliferation.

Comments can be emailed to by no later than 12:00 Tuesday, 9 October 2012

(Editor’s note: The actual notice said the deadline is Tuesday 8 October, but Tuesday is in fact the 9 October. I checked with the DOE and they were very vague and didn’t know,  but said Tuesday 9 October would be OK.)

Enquiries can be directed to Ms Elsie Monale on tel (012) 406 7499

(Editor’s note: Although the document is dated 7 September 2012, I only found it today. We have 30 days to comment, that is by noon on Tuesday 9 October 2012.  The document is quite general and includes storage of nuclear material. However, it doesn’t specifically refer to waste anywhere, so this is a problem I think. It also talks about “processing”, “handling”, “using” nuclear material, but never about “storing”, this is also a problem.)

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