Hydrogen as electricity storage

SAAEA 24 September 2012.

Ms Bjorg Rode from the Norwegian company Hydrogenpartner (www.hydrogenpartner.com), will give a short talk about Waste to Energy and Hydrogen as electricity storage at ourThursday meeting 27th Sept 2012.

Although the concept of extracting methane from landfill and using this to produce electricity is well known, the process offered by Hydrogenpartner not only achieves a much higher amount of electricity for the same volume of waste, but this process also reduces the waste by over 90 % and can handle problem waste such as tyres, plastics, waste oil, hazardous waste as well as normal municipal solid waste. If required, the customer may also choose to produce liquid fuel instead of electricity.

One of the challenges of renewable energy produced from wind and solar is that when the wind stops blowing (or indeed is blowing too hard) or the sun stop shining, the electricity is no longer produced. For small installations (less than 1 MW), batteries are still a good storage option, but for larger installation other storage mechanisms re needed. Hydrogenpartner’s solution splits water into hydrogen and oxygen using renewable energy, and hydrogen can then be used to produce elecricity when required using one or more fuel cells. Some more information on this process can also be found in this month’s edition of Energize and the article my be downloaded at http://eepublishers.co.za/article/hydrogen-238-09-security-of-supply-using-renewable-energy.html. 

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