SA plays power games with coal

Mail and Guardian 14 September 2012.

President Jacob Zuma signed a bilateral energy agreement with Botswana President Ian Khama on August 31 to buy coal from that country.
Zuma is reported to have said that “the bilateral agreement on energy would make meeting energy demands easier for both countries”. The grades, types and, most importantly, prices of coal to be exported are not known, but the agreement will strengthen the commercial and energy ties between the countries and, depending on the coal grades to be sold, might solve one of the Botswana coal industry’s most intractable problems – what to do with its middlings, the waste from the washing of coal that is necessary to get it up to export quality…

(Editor’s note: This is why we urgently need our Integrated energy Plan, IEP – to inform government policy on energy matters so we don’t just lurch from lobbyist to lobbyist. The IEP is apparently underway, but nothing is being made public, so who knows?)