SAAEA 11 September 2012.

SOUTH Africa has introduced mandatory blending regulations in a move that would see all motorists in that country using fuel with up to 10 percent content of ethanol. By introducing mandatory blending, South Africa joins a number of countries – Brazil, China, Canada and India, among others – that have already introduced that law.

Zimbabwean motorists and those in other neighbouring countries travelling to South Africa would not be spared from using the blended fuel.

In a Regulation Gazette dated August 23, 2012, Number 9808, the South African Energy Department said: “These regulations regulate the mandatory blending of bioethanol or biodiesel with petroleum petrol or petroleum diesel, respectively, to produce a biofuel blend that may be sold in the republic.”…



  1. This is plain madness. While we are approaching a food security crisis, it does not make sense at all to deviate food toward car’s tanks. Once again our Govt. does not see further than the interests of a few large bio fuel company which want to make a quick bucks… just like in USA.

    • And, if the existing land use is changed to accommodate biofuel crops, then the situation gets worse from a GHG emission point of view as the land use change generally releases significant amounts of methane. So that it is many years before the biofuel project becomes carbon neutral.

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