Consortium hits gas off Kenya coast

Engineering News 10 September 2012.

PERTH ( – A consortium of energy explorers, which included Apache Corporation, Origin Energy and Pancontinental Oil & Gas, have announced a significant gas discovery off the coast of Kenya.

Pancontinental said on Monday that the Mbawa 1 well encountered around 52 m of natural gas, in an exploration well drilled to a depth of 2 553 m. The company said that reservoir and fluid parameters would become available as logs and sample analysis were completed…

(Editor’s note: The big gas finds off the East coast of Africa point to the need to include liquefied natural gas, LNG, into South Africa’s energy future. LNG can become available for power generation quickly, long before gas from South African fracking becomes available, and probably at a lower capital cost.  Rather import the gas and postpone or avoid the fracking and further coal and nuclear plants. The shale gas in the ground is not going anywhere and the coal can be exported to a voracious market, or left in the ground for future generations. We desperately need the Integrated Energy Plan to steer us instead the whims of government ministers and the pressure from lobby groups.)