Resistance to nuclear energy is warranted

Business Report 31 July 2012.

t is ironic that Raymond Pillay in Business Report’s letters on July 16 (“Nuclear disaster at Fukushima did not cost any lives”), should accuse the Union of Concerned Scientists and the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists of being “anti-nuclear”, when his company seeks to profit from providing training for the same scientists and engineers he seeks to dismiss.

Following these august men and women, a truly scientific view is based on hard facts, not self-serving opinion.

None of us who have engaged in long hours of fact-finding within the nuclear industry over the last 30 years are surprised by the severity of the official Japanese report on Fukushima. Such ignorance and collusion have been a long-standing hallmark of the industry and its governmental collaborators. What is surprising, is the willingness of intelligent citizens in an open society to tolerate the lies…