Eskom: cold weather shoots up usage

Business Report 30 July 2012.

The extreme cold weather experienced across South Africa has resulted in a huge increase in national electricity expenditure, power utility Eskom said on Monday.

Chief executive Brian Dames told a business executives’ meeting in Pretoria that the power consumption bill between 5pm and 9pm daily had been staggering…

(Editor’s note: Well Eskom, NERSA, DOE, the municipalities and everyone else knows what to do about the evening peak – introduce time of use tariffs across the board and make the evening peak electricity price high enough to get us all to act, make it 10 times as high. But in spite of knowing this for years, the talk goes on and on. Also the peak cost should reflect the marginal cost of peak generation, which could be 10 times the average off-peak cost. Eskom has these tariffs, but they are mostly voluntary, so not much happens. We NERSA to flex its muscles and make things happen and the unions to be convinced that it is the right way to go. The municipalities must then extend the flexible tariffs to their customers as well.)