Small Projects Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme

DOE June 2012.

The deadline for comments on the DOE’s Small Projects Renewable Energy RFI is rapidly approaching – 17 July 2012.


  • The Department now wishes to finalise the procurement process documentation for the procurement of 100MW of energy generated from onshore wind, solar photovoltaic, biomass, biogas, or landfill gas technologies with a generation capacity of not less than 1MW and not more than 5MW. By issuing the RFI the Government of South Africa, through the Department, is seeking to obtain information from potential developers of Small Projects to indicate their interest in and to provide information regarding the progress and readiness of their individual projects and is seeking to obtain comments from interested parties on the draft Request for Qualification and Proposals for New Generation Capacity under the Small Projects IPP Procurement Programme (RFP).

    The RFI is intended to generate information to assess the projects of potential developers as well as the readiness of the market to enter into intensive procurement and fast track negotiation processes. The Department is committed to an independent, open, fair and transparent procurement process and a quick and successful negotiation process. The results of the RFI will be used as the basis for the finalisation of the RFP as well as to inform the Government on the required the capacity and resources for the successful implementation of the Small Projects IPP Procurement Programme. The specific objectives of this RFI are to:

    1. Assess market interest;
    2. Provide information for energy planning purposes
    3. Solicit information from interested parties as to the state of readiness of potential projects;
    4. Gather information to support the development of the Small Projects IPP Procurement Programme for energy procurement from independent power producers within the South African procurement legislation, whether a comprehensive Request for Proposals, or otherwise;
    5. Solicit comments the draft RFP document; and
    6. Inform the allocation of Government resources.

    The Department welcomes responses to the RFI from:

    1. South African developers of energy projects adopting any of onshore wind, solar photovoltaic, biomass, biogas, or landfill gas technologies with a generation capacity of not less than 1MW and not more than 5MW;
    2. South African power generation technology and equipment manufacturers; and
    3. Municipalities and financial institutions (including but not limited to providers of debt and equity financing, development finance institutions).

    Where developers have already associated themselves with technology and equipment manufacturers, financial institutions it would be preferred to have a combined submission to minimise confusion and duplication of information.

    The indicative timeline associated with the RFI process is as follows:

    Milestone/Action Item Date
    RFI released 20 June 2012
    RFI Responses due 17 July 2012
    Preparation of procurement documentation if applicable July | August 2012
    RFP released to the market September 2012

    In order to download the RFI document and the draft RFP document please register here