Countdown to climate meltdown

Mail and Guardian 29 June 2012.

Endless global conferences with progressively weakening outcomes are lessening hope that global temperature increases can be reined in at 2C.

he global agreements, from gatherings such as Cop17 in Durban last year, set 2030 as the latest date that this should happen. Otherwise, what is being called the “age of weird” – in which once abnormal environmental catastrophes become the norm – will move up another notch.

But there is little political and business will to force the necessary change. Rohitesh Dhawan, a resource economist at auditing firm KPMG, said: “We just don’t seem to have the appetite to develop policies and create the economic climate that will get us there.” And any reasoning that is happening is panicked and short-term, mirroring the handling of the global economic crisis. “The key difference, however, is that nature does not give bailouts,” Dhawan said…