Some REEEP events and reports

REEEP 6 June 2012.

Yesterday, the World Bank Group launched its new Environment Strategy for 2012-2022, ‘Toward a Green, Clean and Resilient World for All,’ aimed at supporting countries to pursue sustainable development pathways. The ‘Clean’ part of the title talks about development strategies that emphasize low-emission, climate-smart transport, energy, agriculture and urban development. You can download the strategy here.

It’s a Gas

As 1.3 bn people worldwide struggle to access reliable modern energy services to achieve development, we look to renewable energy systems which offer one of the solutions best-suited to provide electricity within rural areas. Decentralised off-grid electrification based on generating power through stand-alone renewable energy power systems in rural areas have been proven capable of high-quality and reliable electricity for lighting, communication, water supply and other uses. Backed up by a traditional fuel source, such as the widely available low-carbon LP gas, hybrid systems bank on capturing the best features of each energy resource and provide grid-quality electricity even in areas that would normally not be reached by the electrification grid.

The Indonesian LP Gas market has undergone unprecedented change over the last three years with its ground-breaking “Kerosene to LPG Substitution Programme” launched in 2007 that has moved nearly 254 million people from using Kerosene to using LP Gas. With a market still growing at more than 5.5 % per year concentrated overwhelmingly in the domestic sector, this remains a market for everyone in the industry to watch. Learn more about LPG in Indonesia and further afield at the World LP Gas Forum 2012, 11-13 Sept, Bali, Indonesia.


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