Energy ministry ‘sold on f-word’

Business Report 16 May 2012.

(Editorial note: Shale gas is not clean. There is evidence that when the whole fracking life cycle is analysed, using shale gas for power produces as high CO2 emissions per kWh as does coal – because of the fugitive emissions of methane along the extraction and distribution chain. See the USA Environmental Protection Agency report , article by Dr. Robert Howarth.)

The Energy Ministry came out with all guns firing for hydraulic fracturing – referred to cautiously as the “f-word” on Tuesday – as it could help turn around Africa’s energy fortunes, reduce dependence on dirty fuels like coal and create masses of jobs in the Karoo.

It is the strongest signal yet that the government is about to end the moratorium on exploration for shale gas. Last week, Mineral Resources Minister Susan Shabangu promised that the cabinet would decide on fracking by next month…


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