Energy Policy Watchdog # 5 up to 23 November 2011

Update on Energy Policy – Issue Nr.5

Compiled by Robert Fischer, Project 90 x 2030, 23rd November 2011

From Government of SA (

Documents for public comment: None energy relevant this time.


National Nuclear Regulator Act: Regulations: Licensing of sites for new nuclear installations, (G 34735, RG 9618, GoN 927), 11 November 2011: Download file.

From the regulations:

Purpose and scope of  regulations

2.  The purpose of these Regulations is to establish  requirements for applications for nuclear installation site licences for siting.

(Comment: It seems the government is preparing bits and pieces for the glowing nuclear future of South Africa!)

 From ESKOM ( Warning: Red Alert: The electricity network is under severe pressure. Please assist. Switch off geysers, swimming pool pumps and all non-essential appliances. (22/11 : 2:30pm).

From PMG (

White Paper on Climate Change hearings continued.

From the PMG Monitor – October 2011 (web):

–          Although Government has a clear policy supporting nuclear energy, there remains a strong anti-nuclear lobby.

PC Energy: NECSA (Nuclear Energy Corporation of SA) presented its Annual Report 2010/11: Download from PMG (web) or from

From chairperson’s (Dr. Manne Dipico) review:

… post-Fukushima… the global growth of nuclear energy may decline but the investment in nuclear will still increase… This confirms that the contribution to the curbing of CO2 emissions that nuclear offers, remains a critical strategic consideration.

NECSA is mandated to manage the National Radioactive Waste Disposal Institute (NRWDI) on behalf of the DoE until such time as the NRWDI has been fully established and capacitated. The Annual Report 2010/11 only mentions low level radioactive waste, which is deposited in Vaalputs. High level radioactive waste still remains at Koeberg.

(Comment: Did we learn any lessons from Fukushima?)

PC Science: South African Renewables Initiative (SARi) on its long-term financing model for renewable energy; South African National Research Institute (SANERI) Annual Report 2010/11 – web.

–          SARi presented its long-term financing model which had the objective to develop a critical mass of investment in renewable energy without imposing unacceptable incremental cost to the country.

–          SANERI outlined the highlights of the Annual Report and Financial Statements for 2010/11. The Carbon Storage Atlas had been published and distributed to depict South Africa’s potential for storage of 400 million tons of carbon dioxide per year; the Wind Atlas had also been produced together with CSIR to depict the three wind regions in the country; and the African Energy Efficiency Centre was engaging with international partners and CSIR on energy efficiency in South Africa and the application of technology on the African continent.

PC Energy: Mainstreaming Gender, Youth and People with Disabilities in the Energy Sector (web).

(Comment: An interesting range of presentations from different departments on this important but often neglected part of the energy theme.)


Sorry, no news summary this time…

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